Sunday, October 21, 2012

Etude House: Juicy Cocktail gradation nails no 3,4,5. The swatch no4

Hello Ladies...
Today i just bought EH Juicy Cocktail gradation nails.. I can't wait to try it..hehehe..
The first set that i try is number #4 Mint Frappe. Lovely blue color with sparkling.

#4 Mint Frappe

#5 Princess Marry

#3 Love Violet

Here is the swatch #3 Mint Frappe

OK,cu later... I will give u another swatch of this nail gradation series if i wear it..hehehe...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The swatch of my BB cream

Hello there.... Today I am gonna give you the swatch of my bb cream collections. I have 5 BB cream:
1. The Odbo
My first BB cream, this BB cream has light coverage, It claims it is good for sensitive skin and it is true,because it doesn't make me break out. The minus thing is no UV protections so you have to use sun block. It has pink undertone and only have 1 shade, if you have darker skin, i think is not suitable for you.

 2. Liole Triple The solution
The second BB cream that i bought. It has a good review out says good for problem skin such as combination skin,acne,sensitive...but it doesn't work on me.. it makes me break out. so sad,because it has good coverage. It has 1 shade only and yellow undertone. The texture is heavier that the Odbo.

 3. Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB cream
The Third BB cream. Actually I bought this at Korea,the same time i bought The Odbo. This bb cream have high SPF which is 42.. And it is good. It has yellow undertone. The texture same like Liole and has a good coverage too. The good thing is it doesn't break me out. yippie...

 4. Red Orange Jelly BB cream
I bought this bb cream because i saw a lot of utubers use this bb cream, so i wanna try it.. The jelly texture like has pink undertone i choose shade 2 natural beige. I like this bb cream because have UV protection also doesn't make me break out and water based which is good for my combination oil. the coverage is medium.

 5. Holika holika aqua petit jelly bb cream shade 2
Again, i bought this because utubers use has the same texture like red orange jelly bb cream. When i applied it, it easy to blend and you don't feel like using heavy makeup.. good for daily use because it has uv protection too.

 Here is the swatch :
 I hope this post help u girls.... cu..
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