Sunday, December 23, 2012

My sister's Project doing My eyes, LOL

Hi Ladies.......
My Sister really want to make up my eyes, she saw some tutorial from you tube and she wants to apply it on my eyes..hahaha.. I always reject her to do it..but one day...i think its fun..Okay sis...just do it to my eyes!!!
The products she used
My sister doing my eye make up

TRA LAAA......hahahaha...Scary??? Not suit in my eyes type.... i more like natural eye makeup..

Thank u...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Etude House : Etoinette Rose Brush

Today I want to share you all with my new brush.. It is Rose brush from Etude series Etoinette.
I love this brush when i saw the picture...but i a little bit disappointed because the brush looks cheap. The bristle quite dense but i have fallen bristle as i open the package. The color isn't what i expected from the picture, a little bit dull. But it is okay, it still cuteeeeee....hahahaha....
Here is the photo:

Thank u..
Cu later....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The swatch of Etude House : Etoinette Heart Blusher PK001 Pink Petal Kiss

As i promised you, I'll give you the swatch of Etoinette series. This time I'll give you the swatch of  Etoinette Heart Blusher PK001 Pink Petal Kiss. Ok, it will be a lot of picture.. because i can't stand on hihihihi..this is too cute.. princess things ever.
Etude said:
Dear Girls, 
Girls, be the Princess!
wanna be sweet?
Love E

All your romantic Princess dreams
will come true.
Girls, be the Princess!
From Etoinette......
So, Here is the photo I've taken:
This Packaging is in glossy pink hard paper

It can last 24M after opened
The heart blush was separate in the plastic container to avoid damage during shipping

There is cute cushion pad inside

This is a baked-heart blusher with soft glimmering pink that supplies skin with a lovely radiant glow
The texture is a little bit creamy

I put in the container

I rub each heart into my arms to see the color
This is after i blended all together.. become soft shimmering pink
It can give you nice pink on your cheeks

Thank u...
Cu in my next post about the rose brush...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Haul of Etude House : Etoinette Heart Blusher and Etoinette Rose Brush

Finally my package arrived...Its Etoinette Series from Etude.. I was so curious about this cute heart blusher would be...Not only Heart blusher, i also bought rose brush..I was so fall in love when i saw 2 those things in picture.Here these cute little things ever... >.<

 I'll give you the swatch in my next post..because a lot of picture..hehehehe...
 Cu in the next post...

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips talk PK005

Hiiiii....I wanna give you all the swatch of my new lipstick from Etude House : Dear My Blooming Lips talk PK005. Here is the swatch:

Cute packaging!!!!! that pink ribbon...omg.. love it!!!!

The color is pretty

Took with my phone while i used it..sorry... but you have to use lip balm before,because this lipstick  doesn't look good if your lips dry.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Simple EOTD

Just quick post, My simple eye make up that I am used :
  • UD Naked2 and UDDP original as based
  • Lash perm mascara Etude house
  • Liole waterproof eyeliner pencil
  • No fake lashes ( i don't like to use it..maybe someday i will try to use it)

Etude AC Clinic Daily Sun BB SPF 30/PA++ (Etude House AC Clinic Series Haul)

Hello there....
Today I am gonna give u the review about Etude AC Clinic Daily Sun BB SPF 30/PA++. I was interesting with this line because it claims to be good for acne prone and troubled skin (my skin is combination oily plus sensitive>.<) also non comedogenic formula. Lately my face has pimple..argghhh... because my "guest" coming,but this month,the pimple that came out, really annoyed me so much. So i am looking for healing or preventing more pimple coming out. My choice goes to AC Clinic series by Etude House. First thing that i bought from this line is BB cream. After reading from many bloggers review about this bb cream, i was so interesting. So here is:

The packaging isn't cute like other Etude product, simple plastic tube with green lime color. Well, the important thing is the inside,right?hehe...
It said that Formulated with salicylic acid and hinoki cypress, AC Clinic delivers trouble care. UV protection BB cream supplies natural expression coverage with non-comedogenic formula.
When I saw the ingredients list, there is no --paraben things.. so it's good.
Let me give you the swatch :

  • Only 1 shade
  • Light texture not thick
  • The Smell doesn't strong..almost no smell
  • Easy to blend
  • Mate finished
I already used it for 2 days, here is my face swatch:
EUWWW...!!!! I hate when i have those bumps!!!! PMS trouble @.@.. Sorry for my big pores too

This picture i took after 3 hours applied. As you can see the coverage is sheer, u might wan to use concealer to cover  pimples. But i rather not use concealer. It still matte after 3 hours.

Sorry for bad picture, i took this with my phone.. But u can see my nose bridge oily.. yes, my face starts oily after 5 hours until 8 hours but not crazy oily...more like dewy look..

After all, i am very like with this bb cream....i also bought ac clinic white essencializer, i will give the review after i try it
thank u...

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