Thursday, May 19, 2011

FOTD,NOTD,LOTD:Etude House : LUCI darling #8 Miss Berry,Miss Tangerine sweet shower lips #1 and Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit

After i showed you my haul, let me show you the swatch of it. I will show you three of them.
The first one is Miss tangerine petit darling nails kit:
EH launched their new line which is Miss Tangerine. I loved this series because the tangerine color really make you look fresh even in your nails.
There is 3 bottle of nail polish

The base color is very soft, I just applied once because i wanna it sheer

add the second nail polish from the tip until the  middle, again i just applied once

the final step: applied on the tip.. so you have nice tangerine gradation. You can applied  top coat after that


The second is  LUCI darling fantastic gradation eyes #8 Miss Berry :
I have just used miss berry, you saw the brush on miss berry  wasn't clear LOL

First applied the base color (the white pearl color)
I applied the tangerine color in outer V and blending it until the crease
On the eyelid i use the pink color
After that used the glitter black color as eyeliner. But before that i applied my KATE kanebo gel eyeliner

LOL, I had my cellphone shadow on my face...
 The third is Miss tangerine sweet shower lip #1 :

The color is baby pink and has glitter

IN my lip, it came out very sheer pink color... Maybe i must add it more to make the color more  vibrant??
But i love nude color
OK, thx for reading it, I will come back with another swatch of my haul... CU
Enjoy your day
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  1. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  2. great products! i love the orange nail polish! Enter my Dior giveaway?


  3. whoa! miss tangerine~~ :D
    nice color sis, so pretty colorr *droolingg

  4. @kristina : of course sis..i would love to follow your blog..
    @francesca : orange nail polish
    @fleurcoco : hehehe.. yup,very pretty color

  5. Thank you! :) Following you back. :D

  6. Thank you! :) Following you back. :D


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