Monday, September 24, 2012

The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Series

Hiiii.... As I mention before that i am in love with The Skin Food. Well, I used their skin care line. First of all, I wanna share you my experience knowing The skin Food. First, my mom used their skin care line in Gold caviar series. She said it was good. FYI, I used doctor's skincare almost 12 years since i was in junior high school. I have been try to used the face shop odbo series but i don't feel any changes and i continued using doctor's skincare and now i use skinfood..haha.. Trial and error. First time, the AS of skin food get me wrong skincare line, she gave me fresh juice vit c series, i got break out after 1 week,so I stopped. And then I came to another shop of skin food and the SA gives me lettuce and cucumber series and i love soothes my skin..My skin is combination oily,acne prone,sensitive. Know I used it almost 4 months and still
From left to right : hand cream(hihi..i take photo of it because the color is suitable with lettuce series..sorry ^-^),night cream,serum water drop,emulsion,toner as u can see the toner almost half refreshing

For morning i used: toner,serum,emulsion
For night i used : toner, serum, night cream
I recommend this product for people with sensitive skin because it soothe your skin.. but still it depends on what your skin wants,maybe it will give u another reaction.. trial and error...just stop right away if your skin become itchy,red,or break out.
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The Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream

Hi there... I wanna share you my eye cream that i used right know. Lately i am so in love with The skin food products hahaha.. so i try this Salmon eye cream which is one of the best eye cream that i read in forums. Well, let me say, the texture is creamy not too thick, the smell slightly like salmon ^O^ but don't worry it won't bother you after you used it. The absorption is quickly enough. I have been used it about 4 months but I don't see my dark circle go away.. but it give u moisture. Maybe i can see the result after long term used because I read that this cream have long waited too see the result.. Hope so...

I wonder when will I am done with this 1 jar?Because so many of it....
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #2 Brilliant Nymph Aura (The Swatch)

Hi there again, i want to show you my recent haul which is nymph aura volumer #2 brilliant from Etude house.

Makeup Multi cream maximizing the radiance and dewy glow on skin,completing flawless skin with plumped up moisture.
Apply on skin with 1:3 mix of bb cream or foundation. Use foundation brush or BB brush to get perfect blending. When used for highlighting, apply on the nose,forehead and cheekbones with the volumer alone

I know this product from the you tuber, she mix it with bb cream to make glowing dewy skin. So I wanna try it and it does give me glowy skin, because it has glitter in it but not make u like disco ball if you use it as directed which is 1:3.
Here is the swatch:

The color is pink which is gives u radiance look for healthy skin.
I like it.. ^-^

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The Skin Food :Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent

Buckwheat Loose Powder in no 10 Transparent

I just bought this loose powder from online store. I choose no 10 transparent. It has strong smell. How can i describe it? smells like flower. not too bad.. For oil control is average. Let me give u the swatch of it
It comes with a little cute pad that i love it

You have to blend it well and it will suit your skin tone, otherwise you can see picture above that the color is so white
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Burt's Bee is My Favorite Lip Balm

Hi There, it has been a long time since my last post. Sorry for that.
Today I am gonna share with you about my fav lip balm. Maybe u already known this brand Burt's bee..
I got a few variety of this burt's bee product

yeah, I just try it about 6 months ago and you know.. I love it.. I talk about the lip balm Beeswax Lip Valm with vitamin E & Peppermint. It really has peppermint, makes your lips feels cool,breezing. I love the fact that this lip balm really moisturize my dry lips. From all the Burt's Bee lip balm that i bought, this lip balm is the most favorite one.
My HG Lip balm ever... 
Anyone disagree? if you find the better one,let me know, i happy to know it...
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