Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bow and Rose STUFFS :))

Related to my bored feeling, I take some picture of my hair band..I have long hair so I can tied my hair with them. Just look at it, make me feel cheerful,because it's cute...;>
This Bow Hair Band is made of fabric with polkadot pattern and as you can see the small dot is gold glitter.
The fabric was soft and the glitter make it so charming and cute.
I like it!

This Pink bow is very simple, made by flannelette 
 fabric. For my simple and cute day

This Big Bow Flower made by Fabric too, I like the flower pattern in it.

This is Flower Hair band. The Size is quite big.

Ahhh...My pink rose...I love it!!!The small dot is pink glitter. 


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am bored....

Today, I am at office, the cloud outside my window is dark. The situation inside my office very quite. I am enjoying my music trough my iphone,listening korean music. Even though I don't understand their language, it is quite entertaining just listening the beat and harmony of music.
My internet connection is so slow...OMG!!!
I am bored....
But I try to make my day full of joy.
Trying to think positively because there is so much negative thinking in this office,people say something bad about the other, make me headache!!! Huh...
Keep positive thinking!!! Don't you?
Why people always try to make other people look bad?
What are you doing while you are bored? Tell me please...
My task is done,nothing to do right now...
Bored...bored...bored :((((
Okay,just listening my music right now :)))
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Monday, February 21, 2011

ROTD: My Lovely Bow Ring

I love bow...Do you love bow? i think bow is very cute shape. I have ring with bow shape and It is bling- bling love it...Sorry the picture isn't clear enough ( using my phone camera). I will show you my bow collections another time...remember me if i forget..hehehe...

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Shopping is My Guilty Pleasure...

HOHOHOHO......I can smile all day long.....
Last Sunday,I spent my time with my best friend to shopping centre in our town (Mangdu). We went there at 10.30 Am and leaving at 4.30 Pm...
I was looking for cardigan also dress....We went from one shop to another. There was so much shop in there. My best friend looking for sticker and cloth too hehehe...
I got 7 pieces that day...Look at my shopping bag:
I am so happy ...Yippie!!!
Can't wait for another visit...I must saving my money for another visit!!! BTW, I will show you what i was bought at that day in another post because they are still in laundry hehehehe....Do you wanna see it?
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FOTD: Lunch at Chinese Food Restaurant

 Last Saturday me and my family went to the mall. We had lunch at Chinese food restaurant. The place was in the basement floor of the mall.We arrived at 11 am...going around and playing at the Fun world(game centre in that mall). And finally 1pm,It was the time for having lunch..We ordered Chinese food of course and Dim Sum, don't forget the dessert!!! 

This is Chrysanthemum tea. The mug was very small and it is hot

Because that tea is hot and small (we can refill our tea). For us, that wasn't enough so we ordered another drink.
Me, ordered fruit punch. It tastes sour and sweet. I like it.

So, here is it.. The first this that came up is beef hotplate.

This vegetable was cooked in two ways. So it was called Khailan two flavour.
The leaf was crispy, I like it. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photographed and edited by My sister

I just take a look my old files and I found my photos hehehe...
I love these two pictures because my sister edited them so well.. thank u sis..
This picture she used for her task at her school..
I love it,hey...I was in magazine cover wkwkwk :P

I love that wings,Feels like angel :DDD
Sis when will we doing photograph again?

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scenery that was captured by my camera

This photo was taken by me while i was on boat. I think it is good for the next painting object. Don't you think like that?

This fireworks was awsome !!!! I captured this when i saw the song of the sea at sentosa island, singapore

I will post another picture from my holiday....just be wait!!!hehehe
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Earthquake dessert!!!!Shocking size!!!

This dessert will be shocking you because it is so big...when i saw it in menu,i think it is small size. I was confused why the waitress gives us small plate each people...She told us to be wait about 10 minutes because the bread has to be baked first and it takes time.. 
Ok, we were waiting and finally the dessert came out...and together we were surprise with the size of it..
I will show you that dessert, here it is :
But it is so yummy,there are thick toast bread with honey, bananas,kiwi,strawberries,peach,vanilla ice cream,coco crunch, mix together and create delicious dessert...hmm...i want that dessert again...but Not alone, i can't eat that all...hahaha

Sushi melts in my mouth!!! Yummy>>

I like sushi, Last Tuesday was a public day off...Me,my cousins,and my aunt went to mall and we ate sushi @ kiyadon....we served about 8 menus and 1 ramen...Sadly, i just photo one shoot hiks....because my focus is eating that sushi..wkwkwkwk...sorry...
Is your mouth watering? yummy***slurpp***nyam**hahahaha....

My necklace and my nail color OTD

Hello there, i am stuck huh... Recently, i am not doing making jewellry thing.
I have been busy lately so i don't make a new creations yet...
Just wanna share my private signature necklace that i'm wearing now, ...

I love the blink-blink thing hehehe... Don't you? I am using swarovski crystal as usual..hehehe...

Here is my previous nail color (baby blue):

Here is my nail color today.

I'm falling in love with this tosca green from TFS. The funny thing is my boss always commented my nail color...because lately, i used bright nail color such as baby blue, yellow,black...hahaha....
Hey...i am bored with my pink nail color or nude color..Try something new nail color makes your day better!! :P
Btw, I also like my new phone's 3 pocket with puppies picture(7 puppies, why is it not 8 puppies??)...And it feels soft in my hand because the fabric is velvet,feels like cushion in my it!!! what about yours?

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