Monday, February 21, 2011

FOTD: Lunch at Chinese Food Restaurant

 Last Saturday me and my family went to the mall. We had lunch at Chinese food restaurant. The place was in the basement floor of the mall.We arrived at 11 am...going around and playing at the Fun world(game centre in that mall). And finally 1pm,It was the time for having lunch..We ordered Chinese food of course and Dim Sum, don't forget the dessert!!! 

This is Chrysanthemum tea. The mug was very small and it is hot

Because that tea is hot and small (we can refill our tea). For us, that wasn't enough so we ordered another drink.
Me, ordered fruit punch. It tastes sour and sweet. I like it.

So, here is it.. The first this that came up is beef hotplate.

This vegetable was cooked in two ways. So it was called Khailan two flavour.
The leaf was crispy, I like it. 

It is Spicy Scallop with broccoli 

Our dim sum ( hakau,siomay,pangsit, dll)

The exclusive food was Peking duck....

This dessert is banana split. But without banana hahahaha...
My sister didn't like banana so we ordered without banana in it. 

This dessert is my choice. It is Mango Pudding. The presentation was good but the flavour wasn't good enough.
It is tasteless. :((
After having lunch we are going home...Can't wait to the next lunch or dinner..hehehe
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