Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My brush collections

Hello ladies,just quick update. Today I washed my brushes and I am surprised that my brushes getting more hehehe... Make me tired when cleaning all of them. I usually cleaning them once a week or after I used 3 times. I am kinda freak about it,my brush should be clean. I used liquid hand soap to clean it.
I have eyeshadow brush from ecotools sets,mac sets,some random from elf,mineral everydays,the body shop. My favorite brush is baby kabuki brush from ecotools,it has soft bristles to apply my loose powder. For eyeshadow I like to use "C" brush shape... I can use it for applying my eyeshadow from the lid untill crease just using that one brush. But hey... I am still wanna have many brush..HªHªHª...
Here is my brush collections after cleaning it, I just let it dry by itself:

Canmake cream blush #1 Peach dream and White gradation highlight

Hello Ladies, Today i am gonna give u the swatch of Canmake Tokyo makeup which is cream blush #1 Peach Dream and White gradation highlight.
It has cute packaging

It was include mini brush with pink it...

Let me give you the swatch :

It was lovely pink color, very natural if you apply on your cheeks also has glitter effects.
 I was looking matte blush but i think this is oke..... Pretty color
This white gradation started from matte white until silver color.
After all i really like my haul. The cream blush is quite easy to blend, it stays long, not make me break out, give your cheeks healthy glowing. The highlight also good, it can make your face more glowing, i used it in my cheekbones, my nose bridge and another used is for brighten my inner corner eyes.
I took picture when i used both of them, but maybe you can not see the blush clearly, Let me show you:
But you can see the highlighter give me glowing effect, LOVE it!!!

OK cu later,thank 4 reading it...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colorful Butterflies Bracelet by me

Hello... as i promised you in instagram...( follow me aslsalgy ) I wanna show you the new bracelet that i made. That day i have mood to make it hehehhee... i love swarovski because it has blink blink effects. Are you ready for photo spam of my handmade???? hehehe
Well, I call it Colorful Butterflies Bracelet


Do you like it?
thx for reading it...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kain Tenun Ikat is Beautiful fabric made in Indonesia

Today  I am gonna show you my beautiful fabric made in Indonesia called KAIN TENUN IKAT.
I am falling in love with this fabric because it has blink-blink from gold thread. This fabric quite big enough to become long skirt. I wanna make this into simple dress, but i am still confused about the model.
let me show you the fabric:
This is from Lampung

This is from Lombok

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #3 Love Violet by Etude House

Hello there... I wanna share you the swatch of Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #3 Love Violet by Etude House as i promised you before. By the way, i used new camera to take these picture,so it was clearer than before.. i hope u enjoyed it.
I used face shop face it as my top coat, love this top coat because it has sparkling small glitter 

step 1,step 2, step 3

#1 Soft purple #2 Romantic purple #3 Mystery purple
Let me show you, how i applied these each step. I applied it 2 coat, because 1 coat is to sheer for me

U can see that the color is very sheer if you applied 1 coat...even after you applied 2 coat, but i think 2 coat is enough. I love this purple look.. as it mentioned LOVE VIOLET...
Let me show you the finished look:

Become my new header..hihihi..this baby doll octopus is so cuteeeee ^-^ Don't you feel the same way?

post signatureThank u for reading it.... cu soon.....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

NYMPH Aura shine lips (coral color)

Hi, i just wanna post the swatch of nymph aura lips in coral color, the color is pretty.. I love it because it match my lip color and give u nude healthy lip. And the good news is it doesn't make my lips dry..
Here is the swatch:

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