Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My brush collections

Hello ladies,just quick update. Today I washed my brushes and I am surprised that my brushes getting more hehehe... Make me tired when cleaning all of them. I usually cleaning them once a week or after I used 3 times. I am kinda freak about it,my brush should be clean. I used liquid hand soap to clean it.
I have eyeshadow brush from ecotools sets,mac sets,some random from elf,mineral everydays,the body shop. My favorite brush is baby kabuki brush from ecotools,it has soft bristles to apply my loose powder. For eyeshadow I like to use "C" brush shape... I can use it for applying my eyeshadow from the lid untill crease just using that one brush. But hey... I am still wanna have many brush..HªHªHª...
Here is my brush collections after cleaning it, I just let it dry by itself:

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