Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gold Caviar Nutrition Mask (wrinkle care) from The Skin Food

Hello Ladies, I have sample from The Skin Food Gold Caviar Nutrition Mask (wrinkle care). I tried it once and let me tell you what i thought about it.
I got this description from their web, it says that:
A total care nutrient mask that leaves the skin full of youth and vitality by managing the wrinkle, nutrient, resilience and moisturizing care through caviar and gold ingredients.
How to use :
apply evenly onto the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose and massage in and outward motion starting from the center. After 5-10 minutes of massaging, wipe away with tissue or rinse with lukewarm water.
Here is the picture :

The texture is creamy
After you blend it and massage it, this creamy texture become oily

My first impression about this mask is:
  • easy to blend it because it becomes oily
  • like oil message
  • after i message it about 5 minutes, i can feel my face warmer,maybe because the massage
  • i just leave it a while after the massage, and i rinse then wash it again with my face soap because i feel my face oily. Well, i don't like the feeling that my face oily, because i already have oily face. Maybe dry skin people will love it because its really oily.
  • after i washed my face,dry it, use my skin care routine (toner,serum) i can feel my skin smoother.
  • about wrinkle care i don't know yet, but this mask really gives you moisturizing effect after using it.
  • I only use it once, and i will say it is true about the moisturizing apart, the others should be approve after using a long term i think.
Ok, i hope this helps you ladies.. cu soon

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