Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello everyone.. Today is 14th February which means Val's Day... Spread your love guys..
Just post my little food regime.. my madness hahaha
Happy Vals.... This egg yolk eyes wanna say, "have a good day everyone, love your food and your life" LOL

STEAK MAN!!!! YIPPIE.... My grandma cooked that steak and i was thinking to make it more fun, so i make that steak man..LOL

My steak man grows some red hair..  LOL

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Monday, February 13, 2012

FOTD : Make your eyes bigger

I usually watch video from you tube about how to make your eyes looks bigger. The first thing you need is black eyeliner, falsie, circle lens, eyeshadow, mascara.
well, because i dont have falsie,circle lens..so i just used what i have. here it is:

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well, i bought bobbi brown shimmer brick pink oyster, eyeshadow nature republic, etude age repair compact powder, proof 10 eye primer, etude nymph nail polish, nature republic lipgloss,nail polish. And sample from the store

I bought mango body butter balm, i love this body butter because it hydrate my skin so well. that skin food bb cream, i don't use it yet hehehe.. still using the odbo bb cream

i love that vit c mask, my skin feel fresh after used that. i don't use the collagen yet.

the whitening collagen mask from nature republic make me have a little pimple..

foot mask, so gooooddddd...my feet feel soft after use this

ALso gooddddd....

is it cute???? hehehhee
Another post about review each product will be coming soon.....thx

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The Odbo series (My korea's haul)

HELLLOOOOOO...... long time not giving any post..sighhhh... I am so sorry for that.. I've been busy lately.
well i wanna give you my review about my odbo series.
This is the Odbo series that i bought from The Face Shop Korea. The SA told me that this series only available in  Korea. But you can buy it from online shop. I got this series @ 35000 won and i got free eye cream collagen. From left to right : Sunblock SPF 50, Eye cream collagen, Toner, Moisturizer, peeling gel, and bb cream

The Aqua Toner is light liquid that quickly absorb to your skin, the moisturizer  is light gel also easily absorb to my skin . i have sensitive skin, and it didn't breakout my skin. The BB cream is very light, i think if you need coverage, you gonna skip this. because the coverage is light to medium. But I love this BB cream, it gives you glowing skin. Oil control of this BB cream quite good enough for me.Your skin still oily but not look greasy, because it gives you natural glowing. The eye cream collagen have light texture and absorb easily too, but i don't see any different for my dark circle.

This Sunblock texture was creamy, i don't like this texture because  i can't blend it easily on my face. So , I barely use this sunblock.
From all that product I usually use the moisturizer and bb cream. Beside that two, i rarely use it. Definitely i am gonna purchase the moisturizer and the bb cream.
My Korea style >.< hahaha.... GBU all

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