Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FOOD: DIM SUM with the dessert

The last two weeks every Sunday i got dim sum as my lunch menu. Food presentation also art for me.. Its beautiful and taste good too.
Just see my photos and sorry if you feel hungry when you see it.. >.<

The couple of durian pancake

Looks YUMMY...nyam...nyam..


He is mad...wkwkwk...

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Shoes Addicted--My new flat shoes and wedges

Recently, i just falling in love with the flat shoes. It makes my feet comfy and flat shoes have cute models too.
I also like to try wedges. I have enough height so i just bought medium height wedges around 7cm with 2 cm on the platform.
Here it is:
this shoes has shine skin leather. I like that cute bow.

This shoes is very comfy...love it. 

BOW and Flower are really cute.. OMG... LOve them both

It has lace flower with 3 pearl at the center, very cute..

Love this flower because it is sparkling

Who does like high heels? Not necessary for me. I'd rather flat shoes person, and try to love wedges because it was so cute!!!!! >.<

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today Haul : Etude house (nail polish and eyeshadow with the swatch )

I just bought some beauty items from Etude House because they have cash back 100%. So if you bought something you gonna have voucher with the same nominal of your purchase. It is ended this month so i just bought it right a way because i won't go to the mall on monday or tuesday...
Recently,I just falling in love with their nail polish product... So I bought it more.
Let me show you my today haul
I'll do nail polish swatch later, when i am using them..

Don't forget to clean your brushes every once a week ladies..
Keep hygiene!!! I just washed my brush today, wait till they dry :)

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Header for my blog!!!

Hello there, while i am not doing my swatch i made a new header for my blog. See above :)
I did the sketch and coloring with my pencil color. The idea behind my sketch is:
- I want something cute
- I want to represent my blog which is about what i love. So as you can see, i drew make up things such as lipstick and eyeshadow with heart shape mentioned that i love eyeshadow.
I like shoes and bag too,and i LOVE bow and pink color
- I also add my salgy's character which become my original icon for my blog
- "Everything about ART & BEAUTY" Thats why i drew it>>>it was my art
Ok,i hope with the new header gives the new inspirations to me and you guys...

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

FOTD,NOTD,LOTD:Etude House : LUCI darling #8 Miss Berry,Miss Tangerine sweet shower lips #1 and Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit

After i showed you my haul, let me show you the swatch of it. I will show you three of them.
The first one is Miss tangerine petit darling nails kit:
EH launched their new line which is Miss Tangerine. I loved this series because the tangerine color really make you look fresh even in your nails.
There is 3 bottle of nail polish

The base color is very soft, I just applied once because i wanna it sheer

add the second nail polish from the tip until the  middle, again i just applied once

the final step: applied on the tip.. so you have nice tangerine gradation. You can applied  top coat after that


The second is  LUCI darling fantastic gradation eyes #8 Miss Berry :
I have just used miss berry, you saw the brush on miss berry  wasn't clear LOL

First applied the base color (the white pearl color)
I applied the tangerine color in outer V and blending it until the crease
On the eyelid i use the pink color
After that used the glitter black color as eyeliner. But before that i applied my KATE kanebo gel eyeliner

LOL, I had my cellphone shadow on my face...
 The third is Miss tangerine sweet shower lip #1 :

The color is baby pink and has glitter

IN my lip, it came out very sheer pink color... Maybe i must add it more to make the color more  vibrant??
But i love nude color
OK, thx for reading it, I will come back with another swatch of my haul... CU
Enjoy your day
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