Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oriflame very me funky eye pencil

Hello Ladies, today i am gonna give you the swatch of oriflame very me funky eye pencil in brown color. When i saw in the catalog this eyeliner pencil quite big enough.. but you gonna be surprised when you see in real life.
Here is the picture:
Very small size,thin and short. The good thing is it easy to bring it

Look!!! same length with my sweet finger hahahaha....cute

the color is brown with a little bit glitter

I put water on top of it to see if its melted away.. and it is not....

But, after you rub it with the water, it is very easy to disappear.
Easy to clean it..but it means not longer stay, i think. I haven't try it in my eyes,so i am not sure.
I will updated again about the staying power.
OK,cu later.....

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