Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lash Perm 3 step volumecara from Etude House

HI... This is the first time i used mascara from Etude House, It so expensive in my country approximately 40US$ for mascara!!! Luckily i got 50% disc.. But u can get it cheaper if u buy online. But i am better bought it in counter so i can see the product first. I wanna try this mascara because of the advertised said it can make your eyes become dolly look. This mascara have 3 step. If u apply step 1 it will give u natural lash,Step 2 your lash become more volume and length. Step 3 ah ha.. your lash become long and more volume. It doesn't said waterproof but i am using it almost 12 hours and it didn't it s good.
here is the swatch:

after 3 step applied. u can see my lash become longer and volume my lash

u can twist the bottle from step 1 until step 3

post signatureLove this mascara... >.< ^-^

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