Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bow and Rose STUFFS :))

Related to my bored feeling, I take some picture of my hair band..I have long hair so I can tied my hair with them. Just look at it, make me feel cheerful,because it's cute...;>
This Bow Hair Band is made of fabric with polkadot pattern and as you can see the small dot is gold glitter.
The fabric was soft and the glitter make it so charming and cute.
I like it!

This Pink bow is very simple, made by flannelette 
 fabric. For my simple and cute day

This Big Bow Flower made by Fabric too, I like the flower pattern in it.

This is Flower Hair band. The Size is quite big.

Ahhh...My pink rose...I love it!!!The small dot is pink glitter. 


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