Thursday, February 17, 2011

Earthquake dessert!!!!Shocking size!!!

This dessert will be shocking you because it is so big...when i saw it in menu,i think it is small size. I was confused why the waitress gives us small plate each people...She told us to be wait about 10 minutes because the bread has to be baked first and it takes time.. 
Ok, we were waiting and finally the dessert came out...and together we were surprise with the size of it..
I will show you that dessert, here it is :
But it is so yummy,there are thick toast bread with honey, bananas,kiwi,strawberries,peach,vanilla ice cream,coco crunch, mix together and create delicious dessert...hmm...i want that dessert again...but Not alone, i can't eat that all...hahaha

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