Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#update Avene eau thermale skincare

hiiii....three days ago,i bought a new line of skincare from avene. This line specific in sensitive skin which is perfect for calming my sensitive skin. After trying their soothing serum for sensitive skin,i give a shot to try their skincare range from cleanser,serum,moisturizer,eye cream,mask,thermal spring water spray.. i already using it for three days now.. so far so good. I'll give you more complete review after i am using it about 1 month...
Here is the product that i bought
cleanser : cold cream gel → i used it as my daily cleanser. It has medicated scent,like my old cleanser from my doctor.
Gentle cleanser lotion → i used it as cleansing milk if i have a heavy makeup,before i wash again with cold cream gel
serum : whitenning sensitive and soothing serum (i bought it earlier so it wasn't in the photo)
moisturizer : optimale rich hydration
eye crem : elugue
mask : cleanance mask →this one for oily acne prone skin but acceptable for sensitive skin. When i am using it, my face feel tingly effect. After that i feel my skin clearer from comedo.
Spray →THIS is so refreshing and calming my red skin..awesome

UPDATE: after 1 month used this product. i can say that my skin improved. i feel my skin more soft and less red. i will keep using it...hope i will have good skin with this avene..

see u on the next update.

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