Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Last week Haul: Etude house and Oriflame

Hi there, Actually i wanna make this post after my haul last week..hehehe..but i keep pending it,sorry.
Well, Last week is the first time i bought etude house in store ( i just bought etude for proof 10 eye primer online). You know, when i was walking in store, the store keeper greeting me with "Welcome Princess". That is a nice thing to do LOL. If you wanna become a princess just come to Etude House LOL. This month they give 50% discount and every 250.000 IDR (approximately  25U$) get a member card and i can get 20% disc every purchase and 50% disc in my month birthday which i will buy at that month LOL...
I love their store because the pink color and gorgeous interior, makes you feel like a princess. OK, enough for my bla bla bla...hahaha...let me show you my haul:

That are nail polish PK003,BR302,BR006 and proof 10 jewelry pencil in silver

I am using BR302 right now with the BR006 on the tip(golden brown color)

I love this blush,the color is so soft and the little bow in the puff is so cute
I bought this oriflame optimals oxygen boost cream because i just realize that i need moisturizer for my neck. I use this only for my neck because i have another moisturizer for my face from my dermatologist for my sensitive skin.

as you can see it contains fragrance (parfum) in it, the smell is good.
But maybe not a good choice for those have allergic to fragrance 

The texture of the cream was soft. After apply it you can feel fresh.
For the result after using 1 week, i think my neck is softer..or maybe just my suggestion ??LOL
Let me do this review again after several month???

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