Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Little Haul : Turtle Ring and Lip tint & Lip Plumper TFS

Hi there...It is Sunday..while i am waiting for F1 race to start about 20 minutes again, I will make quick post about my little haul from one week ago.
I bought this turtle ring because it was very unique, the head, the arms, and the tail can move left and right. so if i am shaking my finger it shaking..
I also bought lip tint and lip plumper from TFS.. I like both of them. The lip tint gives you healthy red lip which is very natural and the lip plumper have mint so it was cool in your lip.. the shine make your lip more plump as its name which is plumper.. Both of them have fragrance it is kind of fruit scent...
I also bought goose soes cake, it was very cute..but it already in my stomach. hahaha...
Here is the Turtle..

THe lip tint and The plumper. The tint color is very soft, The plumper is very shine

Very cute..
Ok, it is time to watch F1 racing.. bye....I hope vettel gonna win this malaysia GP..

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