Sunday, March 27, 2011

FOTD: Simple Make up is my choice...

Yesterday, i was going to mall.. I done a little make up only in my eyes to make my eyes more bright ;)
For face i only using moisturizer, sun block and loose powder...and for my lip i use lip balm.
i use maybelline palette for the highlight my entire eyes especially in my browbone

I use my NYX smokey eyes palette no 1 to apply in my eyelid and no 2 to apply in the crease and to blend it the no 1 color

I use white glitter kajal eyeliner from oriflame in my inner eyes to make my eyes more big and fresh..
Yeah, i know, i must make my eyebrow done.. It looks messy...sorry for that...

Finish it with eyeliner and mascara

TARAA... It was barely not show up in the photo because it was very simple and natural. But u can see that my eyes look fresh and big...hahaha....

I love the glitter eyeliner in my inner eyes...

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  1. Nice look. Really natural (^_^)

  2. Thika mau di dandanin seperti apapun pasti terlihat cantik...nga dandan aja sdh cantik..\(^_^)/

  3. @Becky: thank u...
    @carsenlink: bisa aja nih link2 hehehe...thank u link


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