Thursday, March 31, 2011

My random post about my fun life... ;P

Hi there...i just wanna share my lovely things to do in my life...
I know that many people get stress because their jobs or school, but try to relax a bit and doing something that cheer u up might be a great thing. I will share you my "fun things" hehe..
The first thing is food, trying a new food makes my life fun... (*caution: Don't eat much..just try it not until your stomach full). I realize that most of my post contains food.. hahaha...Forgive me to make you hungry by looking my photos...
this is chocolate cookies,filled with chocolate in it and almond.. It is very crunchy.

This is Halzenut cookies more soft that chocolate  cookies above

inside the cookies

egg boiled....

This is toast bread with nut jam and nutella jam... yummy

Traditional food called "kue pisang"(banana rice cake). it is wrapped with banana leaves. Inside the rice cake there is banana... yummy

AND the second thing is have fun in the game center to relaxing your day..hehehe...NOT for everyday!!! ;P 
I can't catch that let's take a picture LOL

we usually get a lot of doll from catch machine doll... very interesting yet very annoyed if i didn't catch it... haha

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