Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NOTD: Cute flower in blue air

Yesterday, i was made nail art in my left fingers...I am too lazy to do right fingers done...hahaha
I want to try my new color nail which is blue in pastel color..i don't how to explain it in words,just see it in the photo below..
a little bit purple i think...from face shop..

top coat.. what i like about this top coat is there is small bling-bling in there..
So pretty

With 2 apply.... don't forget to apply base coat first

i use toothpick to draw that blue flower

using dark blue color to make dot and complete the blue flower

i add yellow color to bright it and make it more colorful

and the last, i add glitter color in the blue color .. actually, i made love shape with line dot...

TARAAA.... the final result....
Hope you like it...

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